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Numbers of Dail

Over our 30-year history, we have provided 10,000,000 meals from 17 centers across 10 countries for people in need, including elderly individuals living alone, the homeless, and children living in poverty. We have helped more than 6,000 children follow their dreams, and we have more than 450,000 active volunteers.

  • 그릇이미지
    10 Million Meals
  • 아동이미지
    6 Thousand Children
  • 봉사이미지
    45 Thousand Volunteers

가장 낮은 곳에서 함께 살아가는 다일의 정신

We started our journey of giving in 1988 in the Cheongnyangni region of Seoul, Korea, with our Babfor (Bab means ‘rice’ in Korean) Movement to help disadvantaged people such as senior citizens living alone, drifters, and homeless people.


Sharing with the Humblest of Neighborhoods

We strive to help our hungry and neglected neighbors with a loving and humble heart.

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Beyond Asia and Across the World

With sustainable development goals, the Dail Community is providing love and care through its overseas projects via 17 centers in several countries.

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