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Small acts of giving accumulate to create a more beautiful world.

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The Dail Community helps the most impoverished places.

Please help us to provide suffering souls with hope so that they can look forward to a better future.

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"Support for the Places that Need it the Most" Funds are used to support those who are in desperate need. Dail uses funds to directly help people in need, while operating transparently and fairly.

  • Babfor (Food Support)
    Until there is no more starvation! Funds are used to provide free meals for struggling neighborhoods.
  • Dreamfor (Education Support)
    To free people from the shackles of poverty! Funds are used to provide children in impoverished regions abroad with education.
  • Workfor (Self-Reliance Support)
    Funds are used to empower people with technical education and job offers for the sustainable development of their neighborhoods.
  • Healthfor (Medical Support)
    Funds are used to provide medical care to people who can’t afford it.
Sponsoring A Child
Embrace a life. You can change a child’s life. By sponsoring a child, you can help them to enjoy basic rights and to grow up healthy.

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