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About Us

Alongside the Spirit of Jesus Christ, we work together to create a more loving and united world.

Dail Community

Starting with the food-sharing project, 'Babsang Nanum' in 1988, we have conducted other such food-sharing, charitable programs such as Babfor(Free Meal), Bbangfor(Free Bread), Dreamfor (educational programs), Healthfor (medical services) and Workfor (work training and self-reliance- supporting programs). As Korea's representative NGO that suggests practical ministry work as a means to provide unconditional support for underprivileged neighborhoods, We do everything what we can, from providing basic nourishment to educational and even medical programs.
In the spirit of Jesus Christ, we work together
to create a more loving and united world.
We put into real practice, "From now, from here,
with what I can give and from what I can do".
We will work ceaselessly to achieve our mission of feeding people regardless of race, color, or creed, until there exists no more starvation in the world.
We will continue to expand our humanitarian, medical, and relief services all over the world, and we will provide free hospital care until there are no more people unable to receive treatment for lack of financial resources.
We break the cycle of poverty with education, and we support and encourage children to become leaders who serve their communities with love and commitment.
Through vocational education and job creation, we are expanding opportunities for locals to get actively involved in their communities, and we are leading the way in efforts to being sustainable growth to those communities.