dail community

Our Work

In the spirit of Jesus Christ, we work together to create a more loving and united world.

What We Do

The Dail Community serves God and people in the humblest of places.

Hunger and Livelihood
Each year more than 10,000 children under the age of 5 suffer from developmental disorders and many die from chronic malnourishment as they are unable to eat even one meal per day. A child dies due to excess hunger every 10 seconds.
We believe that education is the only way for children to escape the cycle of poverty. The Dail Community lives with children thoughout the world and provides them with a variety of educational courses and opportunities.
There are still many people who cannot afford basic healthcare throughout the world. Dail Angels' Hospital and Dail Little Heaven provide free medical care to destitute senior citizens and low-income families in Korea. Also, for the people in underdeveloped countries who are suffering due to a lack of medical technology and medicine, we provide regular checkups and support them throughout their healing process.
Human Rights
Improving social structures that infringe upon human rights and providing people with a helping hand are conceptually like the inseparable two sides of a coin. Dail Community provides an impetus for human rights progress, even if the rights being violated are those of one, singular life.
One-to-One Child Sponsorship
Many children in underdeveloped countries perform hard labor for the equivalent of less than one U.S. Dollar per day, or they desperately beg for that single dollar on the streets. Just 30,000 Korean Won (approximately $30 U.S. Dollars) per month can provide a child balanced nutrition, medical care, education, school supplies, and other basic necessities.
Self-Reliance Support
We are not only providing momentary relief, but we are also stitching training and vocational education into the fabric of the lives of locals with the aim of assisting in their development of self-reliance.
Emergency Relief
Amidst global climate change, disasters are constantly occuring, along with food crises and conflict between nations. We are particularly focused on helping the victims of disasters in poverty-stricken countries to overcome the ensuing hardships by providing them with emergency relief.
Complete Healing
We are operating restorative programs that offer complete healing and recovery for the weary souls of our modern society through the Seolgoksan Dail Community, the Dail Peace Village, and the Dail Natural Healing Center.
Peace Movement
We call for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula with the 'Bab Peacemakers Movement- The Pan-National Peaceful Reunification Movement.' Through this movement, we suggest reconciliation and unity, along with civil support for the people of North Korea who are suffering the most.